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Sean Pierce


Sean Pierce

Sean Pierce is an artist and musician operating out of Portland, Oregon. Pierce has released music on labels based in London, Berlin, Glasgow, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and he has performed in many cities across North America and Europe.

"One of the most fascinating elements of Sean's artistic principle is his absolute lack of propriety over his artistic work, which is a beautiful and radical approach. He encourages people to check out his set-up at shows to see what he's concocted. A performance is enjoyable in part because he's able to share information, for he believes a collective pool of idea sharing and advancements into how people think and what they're doing is "really important for the creative community." 

"Sean is interested in the rearranging of elements within a performance: taking sounds that he or someone else has made and sending them through his particular process. Specific categorization is not applicable to his sound projects, but he says there is something industrial about it, a metallic quality that is, of late, satisfying. The most appropriate articulation of his music might be: the percussive use of synthesizers."

- interview with Zosia Rose Wiatr

"Modular-synth whisperer, sound designer, and one-half of Portland-based, industrial-techno duo ASSS, Sean Pierce's solo work often shifts between pristinely-produced moody techno, progressive synth-pop, and more abstract compositions that are glued together by his razor-sharp rhythmic sense, brilliantly processed samples, and his heavily personal grasp on both synthesis and sound design. Following up the heady, floor-ready techno of Pierce's MOTOR debut--the impressive Transit EP--Pierce has deconstructed and sliced up the finer points of his previous effort to sprawling effect on his upcoming, self-released album Symbiotic Pulse System (And Me)."

- Joel Shanahan