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Release: August 9th, 2017

Phil Maier’s Littoral Hymns is aptly named – indeed it begins with the sound of the sea; surf and wind flanging through your speakers, ebbing at last into the first set of aleatoric rhythms that stud the hull of this gorgeous EP like barnacles. They rise up again in the second track, a more rhythmic syncopation this time that provides perfect counterpoint to the pristine, resonant pads, leading you along Lack’s brilliantly executed narrative. This tape tells a story, moving through discrete acts, moods and sounds and textural spaces evocative of journeying down an otherworldly coastline. It is by turns ethereal, tactile, alien, and terrestrial, ambiguous in its unspoken rhetoric. This is music for the fae, and we are privileged to release it into the world.

Download 320mp3 / Download Artwork

01. Laminae
02. Ablutions Aureated
03. Weltering Breath Ledge
04. Dispelling Inchoate
05. Littorali Hymns I-VI

Format: Cassette / Digital


Lack is Phil Maier

Layout by Sam Melancon
Mastered by Phil Petrocelli at Soultheft Labs - Seattle WA

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