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dj slow


Esteemed wordsmith and selector Dave Segal (AKA Veins) ventured into the farthest reaches of his most far-out record collection to put together a bizarre yet enlightening sonic journey. Starting out with a dark track and unsettling vocals, the mix travels through the space-time continuum via floating beats, liquid electronics, and alien-like radio transmissions to take the listener through an adventure in a bubbling concoction of cosmic sounds intended to “make them wonder what planet they’re inhabiting.”

Celebrated around Seattle and beyond for his stimulating, psychedelic sets with the {{{¡Distortions!}}} crew and flying solo, Veins has deejayed with the likes of Matmos, Oval, Sutekh, Loop, and Blues Control. Currently a staff music writer at the Stranger, Segal has been professionally writing about music since 1983, starting at Wayne State University and Creem magazine. His work has appeared in The Wire, Alternative Press, Detroit Metro Times and numerous other publications, while labels such as RVNG Intl., Light in the Attic, Medical Records, Sub Pop, Further Records and Holy Mountain have used his services for liner notes.

01 Les Vampyrettes- Biomutanten [Grönland]
02 Porter Ricks- Nautical Zone [Type]
03 Conrad Schnitzler- Metall I [m=minimal]
04 Savant- Sensible Music [RVNG Intl.]
05 Sleeparchive- Bleep 03 [Sleeparchive]
06 Boosey & Hawkes (Tod Dockstader)- Pond Dance [Mordant Music]
07 Chevel- Watery Drumming [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
08 Bruce Ditmas- Dr. Mabuse [Finders Keepers]
09 Human League- The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 2 [Fast Product]
10 Metasplice- Cylindrics [Morphine]
11 Pauline Oliveros- Bye Bye Butterfly [1750 Arch]
12 Slant Azymuth- Gray Equidae [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
13 Rrose- Purge [Eaux]
14 Jahiliyya Fields- Ocean Mom [L.I.E.S.]
15 Donato Dozzy- Downhill To The Sea [Further]
16 Ekoplekz- Entropy Symphony [Planet Mu]
17 The Exposures- A Machine Under Influence [Eastern Developments Music]
18 Ron Morelli- Alone On The Beach (Beach Mix) [Hospital Recordings]
19 Reanimator- Damaged Bads [Community Library]
20 Beaver & Krause- Ragnarök [Limelight]
21Prostitutes- Crawl In From Broadway [Diagonal]
22 Moebius & Beerbohm- White House [Sky/Bureau B]
23 Panabrite- Lullaby Of The Abyss [Aguirre]

Download Link:
Mix Length: 01:20:21


dj slow


A sparse yet pounding opener kicks off a dance floor-ready mix from Ben Block - aka Simic - that percolates as it builds up to full thrust. It’s a cohe-sive yet diverse selection that drops spacey house grooves and darker techno elements alongside island percussion, rubbery bass lines and drippy electronics.

As with many of the secondnature crew, Block found his voice as a dj spinning records at KUPS, Tacoma. This led to production, live sets and a 12” on Major Problems in 2015. He’s shared bills with the likes Matias Aguayo, Varg, Best Available Technology, and Aurora Halal to name a few, and 2016 will see the release of a tape and a second 12”

Catch Simic live for MOTOR February 4th at Kremwerk with Patricia, Certain Creatures, and MOTORists Apartment Fox and dj slow.


1. Drvg Cvltvre - Retreat Regroup Return Revenge
2. Jon Convex - Vacuum States
3. Fur - Cocoon (Fred P Reshape)
4. ASC - Carrier
5. Shlømo - Avadon
6. Luigi Tozzi - Kracken
7. Tensal - C-C2
8. Orphx - Tangled Paths
9. Monolake - Stratosphere
10. Code E - Analysis and Evaluation
11. Stefny Winter - Surrender
12. Minilogue - Ghosts
13. AnD - Making Circles (Svreca Remix)
14. Anonym - Hart Plaza
15. Alex Under - -7
16. Alex Cellar - Kosme


dj slow


Setting the tone for the dim months ahead with an ominous opening, our first mix of 2016 from Archivist (Alex Markey) quickly finds its pace with hard beats and metallic clangs. From there we travel across myriad styles of percussion from bouncing rhythms and marching drums, to mechanical pulses and relentless thuds, accentuated throughout by dreamlike patterns and psychedelic touches.

Markey’s presence in electronic and techno music has seen a steady trajectory since he started to DJ in 2012 at KUPS in Tacoma, no small debt to his seemingly effortless sets that bounce and flow with fluidity. Joining up with secondnature in 2013 as a resident, booker and sound engineer, this led to an EP in 2015 and bills on both coasts with acts such as Tin Man, Cassegrain, and SHXCXCHCXSH to name a few.

Archivist plays MOTOR January 7th at Kremwerk and has his second release slated for early this year.


1. Robert Redford - The Language and Music of the Wolves (Archivist Edit) - [Tonsil Records]/no label
2. Seattle Phonographers' Union - Magnuson Park Hangar Building 27 WP5 - [Prefecture Music]
3. Bleaching Agent - Ivlap - [Field Records]
4. Guy Andrews - Textures - [Hemlock Recordings]
5. Opuswerk - C(2)m - [Knotweed Records]
6. Unknown Artist - Without an Answer - [The Secret Initiative]
7. Voiski - Galaxy Call - [Delsin]
8. AD/S - Transversal - [Avian]
9. Rødhåd - Newspeak - [Dystopian]
10. Rebeval - Chantage - [L.I.E.S]
11. Voiski - Ad Infinitum - [Construct Re-Form]
12. Boston 168 - Jupiter's Moons - [Involve Records]
13. Abdulla Rashim - A Shell of Speed - [Northern Electronics]
14. Iori - Monsoon - [Phonica White]
15. Inigo Kennedy - Insist - [Prosthetic Pressings]

Download Link:
Podcast RSS:…otor/id955329106


dj slow


DJ Explorateur (Valerie Calano) crafted a vinyl-only mix that seamlessly blends the cloud-like atmosphere of her ambient night at Q Nightclub, Rare Air, with the more abrasive, beat-oriented elements characteristic of a Motor event. The tribal-like feel of the first track opens up a sonic excursion that traverses territory from blissful dreamscapes to brooding cosmic dirges, all the while tracing a line via the exploration of electronic music past and present.

Calano’s deep knowledge of diverse genres does justice to her moniker, while it has also led to gigs with major acts like Animal Collective, Faust, and Loop, as well as compiling music for Seattle’s Bumbershoot music festival. She recently joined the dark electronics crew False Prophet, and regularly dj’s at Nacho Borracho, on Hollow Earth Radio’s Yonic Boom, and is a member of female/non-binary sound/art collective TUF. 

Track List:
1. Princess Century - Tokyo Hands
2. Groupshow - Pet Hair Magnet
3. Bitchin Bajas - No Tabac
4. Barre Phillips - Mountainscapes VII
5 Jo Johnson - Ancestral Footsteps
6. Le Révélateur - Fiber Miles Away
7. The Host - World Citizen/Submersion
8. Marc Barreca - Memory Paths
9. William Penn - Reflections In A Pastel Vase
10. New Weather - Slip
11. Suzanne Ciani - Lixiviation

Download Link:
Podcast RSS:


dj slow

Serving up a stellar selection for the November MOTOR Mix entry is dj, photographer and Blankstairs co-boss Nathaniel Young. Recorded with records, 2 turntables, and a mixer, the mix’s foreboding intro brings to mind an intergalactic sacrificial ceremony from another dimension before leading to the dance floor in short order. Futuristic, mutant beats, classic house, acid bangers, and everything in between leave you wanting more as the mix ends in a pulsing, frenetic climax, giving you no choice but to hit the repeat button to take it in all over again.

Now based in Brooklyn, Nathaniel hails from Portland, OR where he co-founded the Blankstairs multimedia outlet and event series with Warren Mattox, a longtime creative collaborator and best friend. Originating as an all-ages series of parties in alternative spaces in late 2012 and 2013 showcasing live music, DJs, and art, the pair founded the project as a “platform to release whatever music or art that captivates them and evokes an emotional response." Nathaniel and Blankstairs have hosted and/or shared bills with some or our favorite artists including Strategy, White Visitation, Francesco de Gallo, Octa Octa, and Black Hat, to name but a few.


British Murder Boys - Start [Downwards, 2014]
The KVB - I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) [Cititrax, 2013]
Franck Sarrio - Skyscraper [Bunker Records, 2003]
Karl Zeiss - Canal [Red Antenna, 2002]
Primitive Sci-Fi - PSCF2B [CLEAR USA, 2015]
Scape One - Solaris [Remote Audio, 2003]
The Horrorist - Room of Posers [Things To Come Records, 2003]
Scape One - Negative Attraction [Remote Audio, 2003]
Karl Zeiss - Markt [Red Antenna, 2002]
Robert Crash - Breakin Out [Dog In The Night Records, 2014]
Juzer - Ribtickler [Dog In The Night Records, 2015]
Primitive Sci-Fi - PSCF2A [CLEAR USA, 2015]
Truncate - Untitled [Truncate, 2014]
Roger Devlin - Sportflugzeug [Made In Frankfurt Records, 1997]
The Hacker - At Night [UMF Records, 1999]
Comtron - What We Sell [Black Label, 2003]
Black Stobe - Black Metal [PlayLouder Records, 2007]

iTunes RSS:


dj slow


Our latest edition of the Mix Series comes from Selectors’ Records out of Vancouver Canada, a record shop, event space and soon-to-be label operated by the brothers Brady Cranfield and Josh Rose. The duo DJ and produce music individually and together, having always been interested in music while maintaining open minds and broad tastes. 

When asked to elaborate, the pair noted “electronic music, if taken in an expanded sense, is an especially wide open field. There are genres and scenes but also incredible diversity and eclecticism, and experimentation is fairly normal – not a contradiction! Most especially we love the unique dynamic relationship between texture, rhythm, structure, dynamics, and energy possible with electronic music.”

Their SLOWACID MOTOR MIX was inspired by repeatedly playing Lester Fitzpatrick’s Tone Control 12”, reissued by the CHIWAX (CLASSIC EDITION) label, pitched way down in their shop, which “brings out the grittiness of the bass lines and the funkiness of the beats.” Expertly stitched together in Live are some definitive acid tracks purposely sourced from vinyl rips on YouTube for the grittiness of the inherent noise and degeneration, and the result is a 21st century mix of classic bangers.


Adonis – No Way Back
Armando – 151
Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid
Chip E – Time to Jack
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
Tyree – Acid Over
Spokesman – Acid Creak
Phuture – We Are Phuture
Maurice – This is Acid
Bam Bam – Where is Your Child
Coming Down Band – Slow-Mo Acid
Lester Fitzpatrick – Tone Control
Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine
Jack Rabbit  – Only Wanted to Be
Robert Owens – Bring Down the Walls
Jaquarius – Love is Happiness
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

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dj slow



The brainchild of KEXP’s Sharlese Metcalf, Kate Moore and Hallie Sloan, False Prophet was founded in 2014 by Sharlese and Kate having emerged from Audiodrome, their previous monthly. Evolved from Sharlese’s earlier synth night, Second Sight, Sharlese wanted to continue to bring Seattle its sexy, dark, heavy, synth sets of which it was devoid. Enamored by their shared proclivity for the darkness, Sharlese and Kate unified their spirits and pockets to return to Seattle its missing link - a night-shadow blend of minimal synth, cold wave, post punk, new wave, dark wave, new beat, italo and power electronics. Inconspicuously hiding amongst the crowds of leather and fishnet, Hallie sanctified the trio with a copy of her prior minimal synth radio program, Polyphony. 

False Prophet operates out of Capitol Hill, serving Seattle’s Erebus appetite for all things dark. Catch them this Thursday at Kremwerk for MOTOR 26 with TEREKKE [L.I.E.S.], A S S S, and Bankie Phones.


Noir Boy George - Bébé Congelé
Carol - Breakdown
Farah - Into Eternity
Frak - 888
Ruble Gang - Art for Real
Peine Perdue - Apre Midi
Schwefelgelb - Den Keller Volllaufen
//Tense// - Disconnect Myself (The Beau Wanzer Adjustment)
DJ Hyperactive - Wide Open (Len Faki DJ Edit)
Innergaze - Midnight Riding
Kas Product - Never Come Back
Automelodi - Ciao! Ciao! Ciao!

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dj slow


MOTOR is pleased to welcome DJ Degenerate (Megan Mitchell) into the family, marking the occasion with her entry for the 9th edition of our monthly mix series. Formerly a DJ and Music Director at KUPS 90.1 FM The Sound in Tacoma, Mitchell is not only a seasoned selector but also a trained jazz and classical vocalist  and frequent field recordist, focusing on abandoned spaces in rural parts of Washington. Her keen interest in the preservation and organization of sounds has led to the pursuit of a master's in library and information sciences at UW Seattle this fall to focus on audio archiving with an emphasis on aesthetics and philosophies around information systems.

DJ Degenerate has been a repeat performer at MOTOR parties in the past couple of years, helping us kick off our XXth party back in January, and is a member of the newly-formed sound collective TUF which recently opened for Holly Herndon's performance put on by Elevator at Kremwerk.


1. Senking, "Score"
2. Klara Lewis, "Msuic III"
3. David Borden, "Esty Point, Summer"
4. Charles Cohen, "Mankind and Mannequins"
5. Evan Caminiti, "Arc"
6. Cluster, "Japan Live 7"
7. K. Leimer, "Honey to Ashes"
8. Andrea Belfi, "Roteano"
9. NeoTantrik, "Xian Octagon"
10. Ann Fabricant, "Untitled"
11. Ursula Bogner, "Illusorische Planeten"
12. The Chen Yi, "Rounder"

iTunes RSS:


dj slow

MOTOR resident dj slow prepared an acidic, psych-tinged mix that bubbles up gradually to the dance floor for the 8th edition of our monthly mix podcast.

An Olympia, WA native, slow (Andrew T. Lench) has been collecting and spinning records of diverse genres for over 16 years, starting in NYC and for the past 9 years in the PNW. The Slow Music Meltdown started in 2003 on WXBC Bard Radio as a melange of disparate sounds curated on the fly via turntables. Its current incarnation airs on Seattle’s Hollow Earth Radio Mondays 10am-12pm and is accompanied by a blog that’s been active since late 2008.

When MOTOR launched in 2012 slow was thrilled to be on board the first night and many since, eventually contributing mixtapes for the 5th and 20th parties highlighting the collective’s studio output and searing live sets, and now curating the MOTOR Mix Series. Included in this edition are 2 tracks from the most recent MOTOR EPs*.


Fuck Buttons - Year of the Dog
Reanimator - Special Powers
ADMX-71 - Disentangle Me
Etienne Jaumet - Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)
Jahiliyya Fields- Pleasure Sentence
Josef Gaard - Fjord
Black Hat - Sequoia (Bankie Phones Emojinal Problems Remixxx) [MTR008]*
Silent Servant - Speed and Violence
Dave Tarrida - Recyclopse
Solenoid - Pharaoh Acid
Sean Pierce - The Visitor [MTR007]*
Tzusing - No Primordial State
Unicorn Hard On - Houndstooth
Francis Bebey - Bissao (Pilooski Edit)
Juan Trip’ - Juan Pytr
Stellar Om Source - Natives / Most Answers Never Unveiled

Mix Download:

MTRMX007 - Dr. Troy

Samuel Melancon

For the 7th edition of the MOTOR MIX SERIES, Medical Records boss Dr. Troy prescribes a concoction of dark, minimal techno to cure what ails you. 

Based in Seattle, Medical Records was an idea conceived about 2005 but came to fruition in 2010. Originally a vinyl-only reissue label of excruciatingly rare late 70's/early 80's synthpop, new wave, disco, etc, they have expanded to reissuing 90s shoegaze classics as well as releasing contemporary artists in the same vein. Dr. Troy has dj’'ed and organized shows in Seattle in conjunction with his label including the former Pop Surgery party as well as the occasional Medical Records Rx parties/shows which focus on bands/djs/artists with aesthetics similar Medical Records. In addition to dj'ing obscure wave/disco/synth, Dr. Troy has been playing sets focused on industrial/dark/minimal techno and has become a regular fixture of MOTOR parties. 

Catch Dr. Troy’s next dj set at MOTOR 25: SHXCXCHCXSH June 18th at Kremwerk (details/RSVP below).



Bola - Square

Powell - We Went Electric (Richard H Kirk Dub Mix)

Sterac - Completed

Sigha - Loop Three

Legowelt - Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi

MPIA3 - wttp

Prince Of Denmark - Cut 02

Shifted - Arrangement In Monochrome II

Perc & Truss - Broken

Svengalisghost - The Booth

Function - Against The Wall (Rrose remix)

Marcel Dettmann - Iso

Rødhåd - Helldiver

AnD - The Jellyfish

Arcing Seas - Tengri

Sigha - Hard Lines Soft Skin

Rrose - Secretion

Mix Link:
Mix Length: 01:14:38

Podcast RSS:


SHIFTED - ALL NIGHT PARTY | June 5th | Kremwerk
MOTOR + secondnature are proud to present an all night party of innovative techno and industrial, featuring Avian Records head SHIFTED straight from the UK. MOTORIST Black Hat performs live for the release of his ultra-limited 12” Willow on MOTOR. Live sets from Nick Bartoletti (Lust+Strength) and Knifecream (Hangedman) with DJ sets from secondnature residents Fugal and Josef Gaard as well as DJ Degenerate. 


MOTOR 25: SHXCXCHCXSH | June 18th | Kremwerk

MOTOR and Medical Records are proud to present Swedish experimental techno duo SHXCXCHCXSH. One of our favorite artists in the world right now, making their Seattle debut. The bill is rounded out with live sets from Archivist (secondnature), Raica (Further Records) and MOTORISTS Apartment Fox and Mood Organ, with the turntables held down by Dr. Troy (Medical Records).



Samuel Melancon

Hot on the heels of our latest release, Transit by Sean Pierce, the Portland, Oregon-based producer turns in a quintessentially MOTOR mix for the May issue of our monthly podcast. 

For many years Pierce focused efforts on creating experimental music using audio tape, home made electronics, and objects that were not intended to create music. As his interest in electronics developed, Pierce began devoting energy towards crafting a sound that is more rhythmic, hinting at early techno music. Over the last few years Pierce built a modular synthesizer system that has inspired unique sounds, textures, and patterns. These elements led to music that is accessible to a broader spectrum of listeners, and because the compositions are tied down with a heavy or obvious rhythm, Pierce can insert some less-palatable ideas into the pieces.

Sean Pierce made his live debut with MOTOR at our 23rd party in April 2015, and also performs in the duo ASSS.


Track Listing:

Plastikman- Sickness - 1997, NovaMute
Delroy Edwards- Feelings - 2012, L.I.E.S.
Beau Wanzer- 23132 - 2014, Self Released
Sean Pierce- Curry - 2015, unreleased
Pan Sonic- Kone - 2000, Mute
Blawan- Peaches - 2011, Clone Basement Series
Frak- Giant Pouf - 1997, Borft Records
Logic- The Warning (Acapella) - 1990, Strictly Rhythm
Karenn- Auflen Whip - 2011, Sheworks
Trade- Half Nelson - 2013, Sheworks
Positive Merge- Note - 2014, Power Vacuum
Sean Pierce- Pit - 2015, unreleased
Antenes- PBX-555 - 2013, L.I.E.S.


Samuel Melancon

GOODWIN is Scott Goodwin, a MOTOR resident


Gabi Delgado - Amor
Charles Cohen - Dance of the Spirit Catchers
The Trash Company - Pluto
Mr. White - Sun Can't Compare
Jeff Mills - Encore
Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (No Drums Mix)
Mark Fell - SOA-4
Arthur Russell - My Tiger, My Timing
Seefeel - Imperial

Pick up GOODWIN's Ramparts EP here:


Samuel Melancon

Mood Organ is Timm Mason, a resident artist with Motor


Tod Dockstader - Steam Megawatt
Panasonic - Murtaja
Operative - Ramp
Best Available Technology - Neon Razor Chain
Sand - Kendoki
Goblin - Flashing
John Carpenter - The End (Assault on Precinct 13) Disco-Version
Richard Pinhas - West Side
Robert Turman - Lotek
Pete Swanson - Pro Style (VIP)
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
Vatican Shadow - Cairo is a Haunted City
Forma - Forma233B
B. Tikhomirov - Mirage
Asmus Tietchens - Modern Arroganz
Mood Organ - Mutually Assured Destruction
Martin Galway - Arkanoid
Muslimgauze - The Broken Radio of Istanbul Station
Moebius + Tietchens - Lange Reihe
Ghédalia Tazartès - Repas Froid


Samuel Melancon

For the second edition of our monthly MOTOR MIX SERIES, we bring you a fluid journey through underwater soundscapes on cloud nine via AOS.

AOS (Kayla Waldorf) has been active as a dance music and techno DJ for several years, helping produce events and parties in the PNW area, which contributed to the formation of Seattle's secondnature artist collective. A resident with secondnature, she has also performed at MOTOR XVI feat. Hieroglyphic Being, and shared billings with Eric Cloutier, in addition to curating the Silent Season showcase with secondnature at Decibel Festival 2014.

Track Listing

Aqua 5 - Donato Dozzy & Neul (Aquaplano)
In Giova - Voices From the Lake (Prologue)
Ur (Salz Remix) - Cio D'or (Telrae)
Hamming (Donato Dozzy Remix) - Nuno Dos Santos (Trouw)
Blue B - Donnacha Costello (Minimise)
Outer Dimension - Resoe (Field Records) 
Echo of You - Remote (Field Records) 
Some Kind Of Up and Down Yes (Asusu Remix) - Efdemin (Dial Records)
Fictional Environment (Delta Funktionen Remix) - Conforce (Field Records)
Azure Garden - Emanuele Pertoldi (Subosc)
Submarine Mountain - Emanuele Pertoldi (Subosc)
Survivors of Pulse - Edit Select (Prologue)
Lampades - Luigi Tozzy (Dynamic Reflection)
Wasserkraft - Cio D'or (Prologue)
Bioluminescence - Luigi Tozzy (Hypnus Records)
Persistance - Jackson Lee (Mystical Disco)
Semien Terara 3 - Abdulla Rashim (Abdulla Rashim Records)


Samuel Melancon

Best Available Technology is the debut entrant into the brand new monthly MOTOR MIX SERIES. Each month we will bring you an exclusive mix from either a MOTORIST or an inspirational guest artist.

The Portland based Kevin Palmer brings us a mix of his originals and occult bangers from the likes of Pan Sonic & Urania and Bedouin Ascent. Kevin is celebrating the release of his new EP on Left_Blank, Neon Razor Chain.

Track Listing

BAT - Caseeoh Field
Pan Sonic & Urania - Under my Skin
BAT - Hunger
Async Sense - Zone
BAT - Stone Tools
Bedouin Ascent - Broadway Boogie Woogie
BAT - L8912l