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dj slow


This month I had no idea how the mix would sound when I invited the artist to submit. I was only aware of Paurl’s work from his collaboration with Josh Medina on their Vault of Angles LP for Debacle, but had heard he made solo electronic work and was experimenting with MOTOR-adjacent pieces from Sam, so I reached out for a submission with really no clue as to how it might end up. Paurl turned out a fantastic collision of noise, experimental hip hop, techno, IDM, glitch and more in a deftly crafted, genre-hopping mix that only skips the unnecessary beats. 

A graduate of classical composition and electro-acoustic music from Cornish, Paurl is active as a composer and performer across a diverse set of projects and environments such as performance/art groups Degenerate Art Ensemble, Implied Violence and St. Genet. His band roll call includes experimental hardcore group X-Ray Press, electronic pop act Rainbows, the electroacoustic work as part of Medina/Walsh, and solo electronic productions as Trying. In addition, he scores stage works for choreographers and theater artists while also running the collaborative recording studio ExEx Audio.

Paurl is the City of Seattle 2018 Fremont Bridge Composer in Residence, and will be presenting a new chamber concert and recording as such in November.


[Intro: “Willow” - Black Hat]

00:00 - Clipping - Intro
00:44 - Dadub - Hadean
02:13 - Arca - Piel
03:13 - Dadub - Hadean (continued)
06:31 - Throwing Snow - Seren
10:33 - PVS - Sunday Rhythm
14:00 - Shifted - Centipede
18:58 - Oval - Ku
21:38 - Uusitalo - Karhunainen
25:33 - Amnesia Scanner - AS Crust
28:38 - Sendai - Porter Swiss
28:58 - Regis - Blood Witness
31:28 - Rival Consoles - Night Melody
35:24 - Aoki Takamasa - Rhythm Variation 01
39:32 - Dadub - Life
44:58 - Vladislav Delay - #5
47:19 - Paula Temple - Gegen
52:13 - Sendai - Antennaed
53:35 - Grischa Lictenberger - 0111_05_z Red

Created in Ableton Live
Cover art is a to-scale size comparison of the moon and the USA.

Download Link:
Mix Length: 00:56:52
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