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dj slow

Centuries ago

Goetic Mirror was sealed away centuries ago by a powerful sorcerer working for insolvent Prince Ivheorid.. Carefully biding his time, Goetic Mirror gathered blood realm energy over the centuries, and without warning overtook Ivheorid's Thone of Chaos. Now, he rules his own destiny, but he becomes more wicked each day...

Goetic Mirror is 1/2 of Dogs On Walks ~ First Saturdays @ Pruf


[Intro: “Willow” - Black Hat]

01 Effective Weapons – Controversy [Effective Weapons]
02 Drvg Cvltvre – March Into Nothingness [Shipwrec]
03 Amir Alexander – Slow Ride! [Anunnaki Cartel]
04 Kosmik – The Kraken [Black Lodge]
05 DJ Spider – Crimson Bat [Plan B]
06 Stranger – Learning Curve [Self Reflektion]
07 D'Marc Cantu – Hungry For People [Crème Organization]
08 Greg Beato – Worship These Balls [Apron]
09 Stef Mendesidis – Minimalist Birmingham [Projekts]
10 Antigone – The Wizard [Construct Re-Form]
11 Helena Hauff – Severe Slash [Lux Rec]
12 Acid Up Dub – Take Your Mind [Dune]
13 Alien Rain – Alienated 5B [Alien Rain]
14 Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks – Pure Pain [Cheap]
15 Minus Polaris – Geiger Counter Excited [Makes Me Dizzy]


2x Technics SL-1200MKV
2x Ortofon Pro (S?)
1x Numark M2

Download Link:
Mix Length: 01:07:20
Podcast RSS: