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dj slow


A hazy atmosphere in the opening track sets the stage for the chilling words and sounds to follow. This mix tells an ominous story, integrating slow-burning electro, dark rave bangers, ritualistic beats, and foggy ambience, which bring to mind untold grisly episodes from Errol Childress’ overgrown fortress of bones. 

Bloom Offering is the solo project of Nicole Carr who got her start with electronics in Portland’s noise scene, and since then her work has evolved to include zines as well as visual and installation art. A member of Seattle’s TUF Collective, she was on the bill for Debacle Fest 2016 and recently for MOTOR with White Visitation, with shows at the Black Lodge and in Portland with Skeleton Hands later this month. LA-based Sinneslöschen just released Bloom Offering’s latest tape, Restraint, “9 tracks of doom-laden bliss.”        


Means Of Egress - Sollilja (In Looking Disappears, Hospital Recordings)
Horrified - Rude 66 (Sadistic Tendencies, Creme Organization)
Such Is Life - Cosey Fanni Tutti (Time To Tell, Flow Motion)
King Of System - Tzusing (Trax Vol. 1, Citi Trax)
Restoration - E-Saggila (Crawling Chant, Centenial Apt)
Shivering - Statiqbloom (Mask Visions Poison, Self Released)
Pills - Umfang (Self-Released)
03 - Ulwhednar (Om Syndernas Förlåtelse, Northern Electronics)
Abscence Of Negative - Fake Trade (Shapeshifting Dimension )
Advice To Young Girls - Inga Copeland Ft Actress (Because I'm Worth It, White Label)
Cane 5 - Uio Loi (Cane, Opal Tapes)
Mobility Effort - Nick Klein (Failed Devotee, Unknown Precept)
Undermine - Laps (Ladies As Pimps, Clan Destine)
24 - Not Waving (Animals, Diagonal)
No Spare No Soul - Cut Hands (Black Mamba, Very Friendly)
Anxienty - Appetite (Appetite, Ascetic House )
A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place) - Spk (Auto De Fe, Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien)
Holy - Wounded Knee (No Fun In Heaven)
Elma (Ruff Rub) - Huerco S (Untitled, Opal Tapes)

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Mix Length: 01:20:38
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