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dj slow

MOTOR resident dj slow prepared an acidic, psych-tinged mix that bubbles up gradually to the dance floor for the 8th edition of our monthly mix podcast.

An Olympia, WA native, slow (Andrew T. Lench) has been collecting and spinning records of diverse genres for over 16 years, starting in NYC and for the past 9 years in the PNW. The Slow Music Meltdown started in 2003 on WXBC Bard Radio as a melange of disparate sounds curated on the fly via turntables. Its current incarnation airs on Seattle’s Hollow Earth Radio Mondays 10am-12pm and is accompanied by a blog that’s been active since late 2008.

When MOTOR launched in 2012 slow was thrilled to be on board the first night and many since, eventually contributing mixtapes for the 5th and 20th parties highlighting the collective’s studio output and searing live sets, and now curating the MOTOR Mix Series. Included in this edition are 2 tracks from the most recent MOTOR EPs*.


Fuck Buttons - Year of the Dog
Reanimator - Special Powers
ADMX-71 - Disentangle Me
Etienne Jaumet - Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)
Jahiliyya Fields- Pleasure Sentence
Josef Gaard - Fjord
Black Hat - Sequoia (Bankie Phones Emojinal Problems Remixxx) [MTR008]*
Silent Servant - Speed and Violence
Dave Tarrida - Recyclopse
Solenoid - Pharaoh Acid
Sean Pierce - The Visitor [MTR007]*
Tzusing - No Primordial State
Unicorn Hard On - Houndstooth
Francis Bebey - Bissao (Pilooski Edit)
Juan Trip’ - Juan Pytr
Stellar Om Source - Natives / Most Answers Never Unveiled

Mix Download: