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Samuel Melancon

Hot on the heels of our latest release, Transit by Sean Pierce, the Portland, Oregon-based producer turns in a quintessentially MOTOR mix for the May issue of our monthly podcast. 

For many years Pierce focused efforts on creating experimental music using audio tape, home made electronics, and objects that were not intended to create music. As his interest in electronics developed, Pierce began devoting energy towards crafting a sound that is more rhythmic, hinting at early techno music. Over the last few years Pierce built a modular synthesizer system that has inspired unique sounds, textures, and patterns. These elements led to music that is accessible to a broader spectrum of listeners, and because the compositions are tied down with a heavy or obvious rhythm, Pierce can insert some less-palatable ideas into the pieces.

Sean Pierce made his live debut with MOTOR at our 23rd party in April 2015, and also performs in the duo ASSS.


Track Listing:

Plastikman- Sickness - 1997, NovaMute
Delroy Edwards- Feelings - 2012, L.I.E.S.
Beau Wanzer- 23132 - 2014, Self Released
Sean Pierce- Curry - 2015, unreleased
Pan Sonic- Kone - 2000, Mute
Blawan- Peaches - 2011, Clone Basement Series
Frak- Giant Pouf - 1997, Borft Records
Logic- The Warning (Acapella) - 1990, Strictly Rhythm
Karenn- Auflen Whip - 2011, Sheworks
Trade- Half Nelson - 2013, Sheworks
Positive Merge- Note - 2014, Power Vacuum
Sean Pierce- Pit - 2015, unreleased
Antenes- PBX-555 - 2013, L.I.E.S.