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dj slow

Serving up a stellar selection for the November MOTOR Mix entry is dj, photographer and Blankstairs co-boss Nathaniel Young. Recorded with records, 2 turntables, and a mixer, the mix’s foreboding intro brings to mind an intergalactic sacrificial ceremony from another dimension before leading to the dance floor in short order. Futuristic, mutant beats, classic house, acid bangers, and everything in between leave you wanting more as the mix ends in a pulsing, frenetic climax, giving you no choice but to hit the repeat button to take it in all over again.

Now based in Brooklyn, Nathaniel hails from Portland, OR where he co-founded the Blankstairs multimedia outlet and event series with Warren Mattox, a longtime creative collaborator and best friend. Originating as an all-ages series of parties in alternative spaces in late 2012 and 2013 showcasing live music, DJs, and art, the pair founded the project as a “platform to release whatever music or art that captivates them and evokes an emotional response." Nathaniel and Blankstairs have hosted and/or shared bills with some or our favorite artists including Strategy, White Visitation, Francesco de Gallo, Octa Octa, and Black Hat, to name but a few.


British Murder Boys - Start [Downwards, 2014]
The KVB - I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) [Cititrax, 2013]
Franck Sarrio - Skyscraper [Bunker Records, 2003]
Karl Zeiss - Canal [Red Antenna, 2002]
Primitive Sci-Fi - PSCF2B [CLEAR USA, 2015]
Scape One - Solaris [Remote Audio, 2003]
The Horrorist - Room of Posers [Things To Come Records, 2003]
Scape One - Negative Attraction [Remote Audio, 2003]
Karl Zeiss - Markt [Red Antenna, 2002]
Robert Crash - Breakin Out [Dog In The Night Records, 2014]
Juzer - Ribtickler [Dog In The Night Records, 2015]
Primitive Sci-Fi - PSCF2A [CLEAR USA, 2015]
Truncate - Untitled [Truncate, 2014]
Roger Devlin - Sportflugzeug [Made In Frankfurt Records, 1997]
The Hacker - At Night [UMF Records, 1999]
Comtron - What We Sell [Black Label, 2003]
Black Stobe - Black Metal [PlayLouder Records, 2007]

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