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Samuel Melancon

For the second edition of our monthly MOTOR MIX SERIES, we bring you a fluid journey through underwater soundscapes on cloud nine via AOS.

AOS (Kayla Waldorf) has been active as a dance music and techno DJ for several years, helping produce events and parties in the PNW area, which contributed to the formation of Seattle's secondnature artist collective. A resident with secondnature, she has also performed at MOTOR XVI feat. Hieroglyphic Being, and shared billings with Eric Cloutier, in addition to curating the Silent Season showcase with secondnature at Decibel Festival 2014.

Track Listing

Aqua 5 - Donato Dozzy & Neul (Aquaplano)
In Giova - Voices From the Lake (Prologue)
Ur (Salz Remix) - Cio D'or (Telrae)
Hamming (Donato Dozzy Remix) - Nuno Dos Santos (Trouw)
Blue B - Donnacha Costello (Minimise)
Outer Dimension - Resoe (Field Records) 
Echo of You - Remote (Field Records) 
Some Kind Of Up and Down Yes (Asusu Remix) - Efdemin (Dial Records)
Fictional Environment (Delta Funktionen Remix) - Conforce (Field Records)
Azure Garden - Emanuele Pertoldi (Subosc)
Submarine Mountain - Emanuele Pertoldi (Subosc)
Survivors of Pulse - Edit Select (Prologue)
Lampades - Luigi Tozzy (Dynamic Reflection)
Wasserkraft - Cio D'or (Prologue)
Bioluminescence - Luigi Tozzy (Hypnus Records)
Persistance - Jackson Lee (Mystical Disco)
Semien Terara 3 - Abdulla Rashim (Abdulla Rashim Records)